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Just me and my dog

This isn't about lampshades. But I can't help feeling that Fern was always alongside so many changes including the taking on of Oscuro and creating in the studio. She was almost always there in my happiest of spaces, my studio. Magic happens when we create stuff and she was there as part of it all, she was our pal.

Fern endured many changes alongside our family and business shifts. She shifted from the UK at 14 months in 2015 , she joined me and my husband in various work locations daily, she travelled many places in NZ with us and our boys and then along to lampshade making classes, loving pats from besotted new students. She was always very popular. She was a great

mum to 8 beautiful pups. She struggled as we all did during a marriage separation, going between homes. She adapted. She was my rock during troubled times, my tail wagging, cuddly light on dark days.

Adorable Fern. I'll be seeing you over the Rainbow Bridge one day I hope.



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