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Adding some Pizazz to your interior?

So you want to add some pizazz to your home...or your workplace...? Why be boring? Why play it safe? Some of us might not be able to quite bring ourselves to wallpaper an entire wall or even afford to reupholster...? But you can still add that punch of drama by using those images and colour onto a lampshade or a cushion! Now that's a compromise :) And some of us want the whole kit and kaboodle...we want the wallpaper, the couch, the cushions AND the lampshade! And that's okay too in some eclectic interiors. We have some groovy ideas for fabrics and papers or bring us yours and we can make the magic happen....custom made lampshades....any shape, any size, any style...YOUR style! Keep watch


If you aren't able to attend a class with me and want to try your hand at making your own drum lampshade, you can now buy one of our kits :) Ranging from 7" - 14" diameters available. Makes a great gift too for someone creative. Includes everything needed plus easy to follow instructions. All you will need is your fabric. Soon to be added to the store or email us at to order your size now. Prices start from $46 +postage (within NZ only)


Belmont Studio

Auckland 0622, NZ




Tel: (+64) (0)21-0249-7428

Oscuro NZ continues the craft of handmaking bespoke lampshades, creating contemporary or classical designs to order, for both commercial and residential customers nationwide.


Existing favourite lampshades or family heirlooms can be recovered, as well as new creations. We welcome your one shade project or multiple.

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