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As an alternative to 'off-the-rack' lampshades that are generally plain and choice limited, having a custom made service creates a tailored, made-to-order shade that has your individual specifications in mind. Using store bought or designer fabrics, wallcoverings or artwork, something that is unique to your home can be created. There is a surprising value of colour, texture, pattern and shape of lampshade that you may not have thought of. Lampshades are simple items that can make a room look better, more interesting in a subtle or obvious way. It is a surprisingly quick, simple and an economical way to make a statement and update your interior decor. Sticking to a few simple rules takes the


Belmont Studio

Auckland 0622, NZ




Tel: (+64) (0)21-0249-7428

Oscuro NZ continues the craft of handmaking bespoke lampshades, creating contemporary or classical designs to order, for both commercial and residential customers nationwide.


Existing favourite lampshades or family heirlooms can be recovered, as well as new creations. We welcome your one shade project or multiple.

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