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Oscuro celebrates busiest Autumn

We're not complaining, it has been a really busy couple of months and we've delivered some really interesting large projects for commercial customers as well as individuals. Check out the gallery where some of them have been catalogued. My favourites have been a really huge tapered drum shade intricately 'dressed' by the very talented botanical stylist Annie O and also an array of dusky pink hexagonal stretched shades which are heading for a retail outlet in Tauranga.

But equally fulfilling has been the making of bright floral shades, feminine tiffany stretched shades with ornate beading, delicate handmade paper shades and one special request to turn an adorned tapestry into a lampshade to remember a mother.

Lampshade making kits have been selling and our lovely friends at Martha's Fabrics in Newmarket has become our first stockist. Check them out here.

A second successful drum shade making class went well with the next one being held on Sunday May 19th, 10-12.30am. If you fancy a go then check info out and book here.

If you would like us to advise and quote on your lighting project, large or small, new or remakes, classic or contemporary... drop an email to


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