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Introducing to NZ...Temple & Ivy Lampbases

Oscuro is excited to be the sole importer of these exquisite and flamboyant lampbases.
Temple & Ivy's design inspiration was born of the designers' childhood summers in Zimbabwe and a Kenyan safari. Distinct and exclusive, these individually handcrafted lamps are a creative way to animate spaces and inject personality into interior schemes. Sculpted and forged in Somerset, UK, using traditional cold cast bronze resin and carbon fibre, they are a beautiful example of design innovation: blending classic and contemporary influences. The bird legs include Avocets, Flamingos, African Jacana, African Rail, Purple Gallinule, Ostrich and a classic runner duck!
The shades represent the birds that have been selected for the range and are also beautifully hand made, Some of the shades are exquisitely feathered, others are classic plain but textured or they can be custom made by Oscuro to suit a client's colour scheme. The unique range is cast in bronze and carbon fibre to give the legs great strength, adopting a specialist technique for layering each of the finishes chosen. A further layer of bronze is added for a bronze finish, a layer of copper for copper verdigris, metal alloy to give a pewter finish or gold leaf.
All of the bases are handmade in England. Oscuro NZ is the only accredited trading partner of Temple & Ivy, contact us to make an appointment to view examples from this quirky range.

The images were reproduced with permission from Temple & Ivy

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